Average of £73 per minute in UK Rail passenger delays caused by incidents – http://wp.me/p3aCAV-27

On average their are in excess of .8million incidents per annum leading to 14million minutes of delay to franchised passenger Rail services in the UK.

Infrastructure faults come high on the list but equally so do Weather and Signalling- Communication to Passengers of incidents is highlighted as a key concern. Planning and re-plan is crucial to ensure minimal risk and delay.

A formidable challenge that can impact the Rail Franchise Operators profit at every point of the Journey. Rail operational factors are not always attributable or within the Rail Franchise Operator’s control.
Factors that cause major disruption and impact both from a customer experience perspective and a financial perspective are;

Weather Impact of Rail delays due to unavoidable weather changes
Mechanical issues Aging rolling stock lead to increased mechanical issues
Train Utilisation Operational delays can impact network utilisation
Station/network Congestion Re routing of trains, station delays impact efficiency
Union obligations Staffing overun on crew hours, compensation payments affect operational productivity and efficiency
Rail regulations Increased penalties and impositions on Rail operational delays

All of these factors can and do impact and disrupt operational core functions such as, Finance & Revenue Management, Call Centers, Freight Operations, In- train catering & cleaning services, Ground Ops, Engineering, Crew Planning & Scheduling, Network Planning, Customer Service.

The compounded effect of this is a direct impact both in terms of the customer experience and operational efficiency & financial/risk imposed on the Rail Operator.

I believe there is a need for a single INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in ‘real time’ based on a common integrated IT platform.

If we take a different view of individual business impacts and classify them as ‘events’ that can and do re occur over a timeline we can take a very different perspective on the risk and financial impact to the Rail Operator.

The reclassification or construct of business impacts as EVENTS would enable by use of an event processing engine to group and categorise the core events by severity of impact and construct a model dynamically that turns data into information and presents this via a ‘holistic real time view’.

This information would the be presented via a series of dashboards back to the Rail Management/operators in real time for action.

In addition if we couple the ability to ‘analyse’ the customer experience and financial impact of these events, we could pre rank and scenario re plan alternative business solutions to ‘minimise future disruption, ring fence operational costs,  and improve the customer service proposition – this must in my opinion be a major benefit to any Rail Franchise Operator.

(Source: National Audit Office)

Inside the ‘Big Data’ Tornado – The Holy Grail. http://wp.me/p3aCAV-1p

Big Data and Digital revival in search of (The Holy Grail)

As we are all aware Airlines, Hotels, Financial Services organisations and Retail businesses today are undergoing a Big Data revival and Digital revolution – It is in the pursuit of the ultimate Customer Experience and the potential incremental profits that spur on the enterprise –  The speed and pace of progess is alarming and somewhat likened or akin to rushing head on in over a chasm!

The anology of a Chasm brings me to a book I read many years ago on the growth and development of organisations within the Hi Tech Industries authored by Geoffrey Moore. The book was titled ‘Crossing the Chasm’ and the anology and principles it is grounded on still hold true today, this was followed by another book called ‘Inside the Tornado’ which builds on the former book.  Both books a recommended read.

Below is a recent quote from the Author Geoffrey Moore in respect of Big Data and The Digital experience;

Geoffrey states;

We are putting the entire world on the Web and have digitized the consumer experience,” Moore said. “We are now digitizing the business experience including government and healthcare. The tool set you need to digitize requires Big Data because it’s not just about handling data before and after, it’s about handling data during transactions. Without Big Data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.”

Crossing the Chasm

In Mr Moore’s analogy organisations go through phases of maturity and evolve. It would be true to say they re -invent themselves and develop strategies and tactics to succeed and ‘Cross the Chasm’ or they fall off into the precipice to be forgotten.

Once on the other side they position their Brand, Products & Services to meet the needs of the customer and enter ‘The Tornado’ the place to be – where it is all happening, eventually emerging as a successful organisation into Main Street.

Inside the Tornado

Inside the Tornado

However I have an issue – My Issue with Big Data and playing inside a Tornado!

My issue is…

Most organisations have been advised, understood and embraced the idea of Big Data and indeed spent many $M in the process. They are now in a rush wholeheartedly towards the chasm to get inside the Tornado without fully understanding what is inside or what is required to gain entry!

Now in anticipation at the precipice they stand and reflect – they are indeed wondering what to do with all this data they have amassed and how they can use it to get them across the Chasm to ‘Inside the Tornado’ and the Holy Grail!   

What is needed now- Customer Insight, Segmentation and understanding of Customer Value -Perhaps?

More will follow on this topic – your views please welcome as always?