Logistics – ‘Transit Triggers’- Improve the Customer Experience. http://wp.me/p3aCAV-2A

e-tailers  in the Logistics industry have taken to more frequent communications with customers at pre- defined ‘Transit Triggers’ in the distribution life cycle.

They deploy a tailored communications plan that they buy as a managed service and couple the communications plan with their distribution plan to identify the trigger points when customers are more sensitive to communication.

The use of ‘Transit Triggers’ defines the communication type and message and enables e-tailers to generate incremental revenues by reorders.

The benefits in my view are obvious; improved and more efficient cycle of goods from delivery & returns, incremental revenue opportunities and improved customer engagement & experience.

In my view it could be enhanced further as a service to cross sell and upsell, thereby improving the levels of customer satisfaction through a more positive customer experience.

See the Infographic below;

Improve the Customer Experience & Increase Reorders with Transit Triggers