Airline Fees – Blessing or Burden?

Airlines have been adding so many extra  passenger fees lately

Due to the increased costs imposed on Airlines by Airport charges and increased fuel costs, Airlines have had to pass on the additional costs by way of ancillary fees. These fees range from carry-on luggage to in-flight drinks, pillows and food. As a result of that what you see  on your ticket is not the true cost of flying. From overweight bags to flight changes and pets to unaccompanied minors, there is no shortage of fees that airlines will have to pass the additional charge to you as a customer.

Is the passing on of ancillary fees and charges to the passenger justified or is it just another way of making money?

Is there a need for a better  understanding of all of the true operational airline costs- in other words a more joined up holistic view? Or an increased need for the community to collaborate and lobby against Government regulations imposed on the Airline community to avoid passing on the costs to the customer.

In the final analysis I believe everybody in the industry has an agenda to improve the customer experience of travel not negate it – I am sure the Airline industry is doing everything it can not to pass on additional charges to the customer.

Your views welcome as always.

Here is an in-depth look at the complex world of airline fees. See the different add-on fees of 10 major domestic  airlines here.

A Guide to the Complex World of Airline Fees