Connected Cars-The Future

Connecting Cars with the customer a marketing tactic – to improve Sales & Customer Loyalty

Key Players, Manufactures in the Automotive Industry have awakened to the value of providing real time information and value add services to customers and woo consumers in an attempt to retain customer loyalty & retention to the Marque.

Traditionally manufacturers connected the car with the customer   through the car warranty information and controlled the services and collection of data to suit there manufacturing needs in terms of understanding driving behaviour, parts longevity and marque enhancements. Non of this data benefitted or drove revenue to the Dealerships or value to the customer-effectively the dealership did not have a relationship or own its customer.

Holistic View of the Customer

In a new move to integrate the whole view of the customer and drive value and revenues to the dealerships Marketeers are now ‘holistically’ joining up the information dots in real time to enable a 360 view of the customer. Bringing together the Manufacturer, Dealership and Customers in a marketing Trifecto by connecting the customer with the car is a more effective way in the future to build deep long term relationships with your customers.

New Approach

If we now connect the customer to the car via wifi connectivity displayed via a mobile App and or a heads up display in the vehicle we can provide added value serices and real time information to the customer, such as GPS navigation, Shopping, Car Parking information, Travel & Flight planning booking and on time performance, Dealer Service enhancements , Vehicle safety and Automotive functions start stop, Leisure & Lifestyle information, Emergency services Medical & Police. GPS positioned Security Alerts.

Learn from the past

Many failures have gone before as typified below. However the time is right with the advent of driverless vehicles on the horizon to learn from the past and create a new Connected Car for the future.

Automotive Marketing Through Social Media: Successes and Failures

70% of businesses in Europe have failed to meet their CRM objectives.

70% of businesses have failed in Europe to meet their CRMs objectives according to D&B research.

Some of the key factors are;

  • Failure to plan for change -transformational barriers and issues
  • No clear defined objectives – not underpinned with rigour or metrics
  • Failure to align with the business – lack of user buy in
  • Poor Data and Information – lack of accurate, current  data
  • Over customisation – need for simplification of message and program structure

Take a look at some of the key factors behind the failings and the pointers to avoid being part of this statistic.

Comments welcome as usual please.

What price Airline Intelligence – Airlines can achieve an ROI of over 1,000% with $500 million in cost savings and revenue generation over typically over a five – six year period.

Source: What price Airline Intelligence – Airlines can achieve an ROI of over 1,000% with $500 million in cost savings and revenue generation over typically over a five – six year period.

Source: What price Airline Intelligence – Airlines can achieve an ROI of over 1,000% with $500 million in cost savings and revenue generation over typically over a five – six year period.

Marketers are on the Beach Head – Digital is in The Main Street

The Beach Head: Enterprise Marketing Strategy. Traditionally Enterprise Marketing Strategy used to be based on Market Identification, Positioning & gaining Market Share. Customers were identified by Type, Segment and Clusters, Transactional Behaviour and Channels of distribution,

The Market Tactics deployed were based on the the ability to successfully traverse The Chasm to the Main Street. Where the ‘choice pickings’ were perceived to be.

Whilst still a valid approach today for most Organisations and Enterprises it is a sound structured relatively easy approach to gain Market Entry & Share.



Inside the Tornado (courtesy of Geoffrey Moore)

Now bring in the Change Element driving business agenda’s today.

A new challenger is in The Main Street. Disruption and Digital Re-Invention.

New Disruptive companies are business models like Uber (doesn’t own a Taxi) , Airbnb (doesn’t own any hotel real estate) and Amazon ( doesn’t even own any inventory) Disruption is changing the Customer purchase propensity and his relationship with the brand and the Enterprise – the business model is changing and Digital Re-Invention.  Coupled with Cognitive and the IOT the Enterprise is able to devise Digital strategies that change the way Customers Interact, Communicate by channel & media of choice, Empathises with the Brand and becomes a true Customer Advocate.

Digital Transformation and Digitalisation coupled with a collaborative Ecosystem is the new DNA which Enterprises are embracing. In a recent study with a Bank it was reported on average that every $1 spent on Digital initiatives returned a $10 ROI.

It is understandable with this kind of ROI and the need to differentiate that Enterprises are prepared to be Disruptive and embrace Digital Strategies and Tactics to change the business to achieve commercial success.

As Robin Williams once said: Seize the day

Airline Cargo eBay – Fact or Fiction

Distressed Merchandise – Airline Belly Hold

The Airline Cargo Manager today has the responsibility to maximise the Aircraft belly hold and ensure maximum ULD Load and Profitability of Cargo per flight.

Without sophisticated Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Systems how does he ensure his Cargo shipments are Optimised and Profitable. Despite all the experience and knowledge of the Cargo Manager there is always inventory left on the table and unsold capacity.

Thinking aloud, what if there was a Web Site similar to eBay that is purely focused on Airline Cargo?

  • Distressed Merchandise i.e. unsold Air Freight space could be sold by carrier to the highest bidder i.e. Shippers and Freight Forwarders community.
  • The benefits for the individual Shippers & Freight Air Freight, the Community Web Site would offer  at a discounted last minute at auction rates.
  • The benefits for the Airlines participating in the scheme they would be to maximise belly hold and increase profitability every time .

Fact or Fiction?