Has Covid19, given the Transportation industry the opportunity to Re-think Transportation of the future.


Challenges of the Transportation Industry in an enforced or natural economic slow down.

We have all read about the decline in Airline passenger transportation and the significant decline in passenger figures due to Covid19.

The resultant pressures on the Airline and Transportation industry has resulted in request for financial support to shore up what is already a fragile industry.

What will be the new norm and is it time for a radical industry rethink of Transportation.

In the past the Airline industry and Transportation in general has seen and weathered many economic and social changes.

The Airline industry has re-invented itself many times to attract and retain customers and, adapted and developed new operating, service and passenger pricing models to ensure continued commercial success.

In my view these models have been founded on the same basic premises of traditional views of an Airline model of Transportation.

Is it time to re-think ‘out of the box’ and appraise alternative modes and means of Passenger and Freight Transportation.

It is a fact the Transportation industry in general – has always been innovative in the way it looks to the future.

However I believe the industry is and has been hampered by dinasorial systems, thinking infrastructure and speed to market coupled with a bygone view of what the customer expects from the industry.

For the first time in a long while the opportunity presents itself to learn from the economic downturn accelerated by Covid19 and understand what a new norm could look like.

It would benefit the Industry to spend time to rethink, appraise and embrace new thinking and harness the innovate thought and new technologies of tomorrow.

In the last twenty years I have been an evangelist of pioneering new modes and advancements in Transportation. I would advocate it is time for Governments, Industry bodies and the Transportation Industry to spend time to thoroughly re-evaluate new modes and models of Transportation.

I believe Inter modal Transportation is the name of the future

We have all listened to the scientist’s that the earth and its climate is warming up due to the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ sustainability is the key word that is a global conversation piece.

Why not harness the natural resources of our planet such as re-suable energy resources and harness the power of the sun to provide options for more solar energy to power new modes of Transportation.

Imagine a single, driverless automatic Transportation mode with an integrated intuitive and cognitive technology interface that allows – an intermodal passenger or freight pod to be able to attach or be detached from its normal transport system and be autonomously coupled from one transportation mode to another, transporting Passengers or Freight seamlessly.

Thus avoiding logistical delays and congestion with practical O footprint. A driverless Transportation pod of the future Transits high above our urban cities and roads on a monorail system powered by solar and electric powered technology and routed by GPS technology to and from its destination.

This is not the stories of comic books this is happening today in various guises of Transportation in Asia, Japan and the Middle East.

I believe it is time for the Industry and Governments alike to rethink Transportation – in a more sustainable way and slow down our carbon footprint.

This could be the New Norm of the future.


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