During Covid 19 England on ‘Lock Down’ is still a beautiful place… if you allow your eyes and senses to be open…

Even on ‘lock down’ during exercise time I have found that through the discovery of long abandoned local bridleways and paths we are able to open our eyes and senses to the beauty of England. I have been fortunate to travel and live around the World and returned to England my home and the country I love.

If you are fortunate enough to find and live close enough to be able to access the Bridleways of the ( I know not everyone is) the Cities and the Countryside  – they unleash a myriad of colours, sights, smells, sounds and experiences that no virtual reality game can bring, something which now in later years I cherish and appreciate.

Take time to explore your local vicinity ( City or Countryside ) and allow your eyes to be opened to the beauty of what is around you.

I grew up as a boy in the late 50’s early 60’s in the Industrial North.

Memories of a childhood living in a terraced house in a street in a northern mill town. Dark and grey, mills and rows of streets that made up a Northern town,  looking back pretty uninviting – but that was normal life and everybody did the best they could and made the best out of what little they had at the time . There were no stock brokers in our street!

The buildings, houses and streets were faceless, cold,  uninviting but full of character.  Even the sun had difficulty penetrating the endless coal smog and pollution from the mills at the bottom of the street and from the foundries – a traditional northern ‘Lowry’ town is the picture. The people who made up the community were the salt of the earth great survivors, warm hearted and the backbone of the North.


Even though money and transportation were limited ( my feet)  I still found that the time spent on my own to walk and explore the streets where I lived was of tremendous benefit to my well-being.

Life’s Harsh Lessons 1

The unfortunate loss of my parents at 16 years old brought a stark realisation to my childhood and my future prospects. No college or University for me

I soon realised if you had a job you were fortunate and life was much more pleasant. If you were  lucky enough to have a job and were resourceful and had skills (self taught usually) to enable you enough to go on to better things – you were one of the lucky ones, I found myself fortunate enough to rise to the challenge and to go on to do better things.

Life’s Harsh Lessons 2

Covid 19 is a new lesson that I avoid – yet in a strange way the enforced ‘Lock Down’ has given me the opportunity once again to go look back at my roots and reflect upon the values and virtues of a time past when I had no material wealth or goods – only my heath, tenacity and ambition to succeed.

Going Forward I believe we will all reflect and look back at the times in our life when although life was tough – life was good.

Life is short and precious you only get one shot at it  –  my time for reflection on what I have ( and wish to keep ) is here and the time to cherish my friends and family.

Keep safe People the World is a place I still wish to live – in piece, happiness and harmony!

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