Smarter Cities – The future for urban life.

How Smart are we – what do we mean by Smarter Cities….or how Dumb are we 


In the 21st Century, Cities, Government Bodies, Businesses and Service Companies are becoming more and more sophisticated in the way they market themselves.

At ‘top of mind’ in Local Government is the need for increased services and targeted communications within their Urbanisation programmes and Community stakeholders ie: The Citizen.

By 2080 over 80% of our population will live in cities! a planners nightmare.

However from a citizen perspective the advent of personalised products and services made available to available to citizens via multi-media channels and an omni channel environment is driving consumer growth in Business, Retail and Local Government SmarterCity initiatives

Selective Local Government is taking advantage of disruptive technologies and the IoT available technologies to gain Citizen ‘buy in’ and Advocacy.

People (Citizens) are changing the ways in which they do business and interact across many channels and in differing ways to suit their individual needs and preferences at that moment in time in their own personal space.

As a result, Smarter Cities are adapting and changing to meet the trends of their Citizen’s connecting the way we live, work and enjoy our social life and lifestyle activities.

Cities are realising the benefits of communication and building ecosystems and infrastructure’s to enhance, speed up and meet the ever-changing needs of the citizen by providing personalised access to goods and services at the point of service and on demand in real time.

Cities are now Smarter – they are more collaborative with the way they interact with Citizens, Businesses and Local Government.

In the next ten years the City will help you live in harmony – by providing solutions and ecosystems and services that will embrace and benefit our daily lives- from Retail, Travel & Transportation, Healthcare, Education to Food & Entertainment and Housing/Social Care Services.

The explosion of mobility and social media coupled with the advent of digital revolution has placed more importance and emphasis on the Citizens there needs and wants and desires.

Coupled with the development of a multi-model Transportation links between Road, Air, Water and Rail are becoming seamless Smarter Cities are a viable proposition.

The initial steps and building blocks are simple:

  • Conceive a Smarter City Strategy and Precepts that clearly identify the Building Blocks of a Smarter City
  • Understand the need for an ecosystem and IT infrastructure to underpin a Smarter City initiative and explore the links and steps to Smarter Retail, Travel & Transportation and Logistics.
  • Research and listen to the voice of the community to understand the roadmap to Citizen engagement and the benefits

In addition go on to develop a ‘Citizen Journey Map’ and Strategic Roadmap for a Smarter City that Identifies the Stakeholder Precepts, Business Funding, Commercial Foundation and support the underlying Digital, IOT solutions and Infrastructure is a pre-requisite for success.

How Smart or Dumb do we want our cities to be….. 

This content is entirely my own personal view and not related to any corporation or organisation.

Your views or comments are welcome as always.

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