To be competitive today – Employees need strong communication skills

The workplace is rapidly changing. Managing talent is essential to keep pace with the demands of a changing work landscape

In a research study we recently conducted we set out to understand;

  • Which skills employees must have to be competitive today
  • What are the most significant people challenges currently facing organizations
  • Identify the most effective ways to develop talent now

More than half of the 506 survey respondents agree that communication followed by leadership agility are the most valued skills in 2017.

To be competitive today –  Strong communication skills – top the list of characteristics employees must.

In addition, these skills include writing, listening, speaking and presenting,

Respondents from the survey identified 3 key skills;

Communication | Leadership | Eagerness to learn |

Close behind is eagerness to learn [being open to learning, with solid reading, listening and thinking ability].

Emotional intelligence [recognizing, understanding, and managing your own and others’ emotions] and understanding analytics [reading and understanding data, projections, demographics] round out the top five most valued skills.

Managing change was also most frequently mentioned.


Respondents were asked “Which 3 skills are most valued in your firm right now?”

What is your view – what do you think?

Interested: Read the full report at

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