Managed Mobility – In-house or Outsource?

Managed Mobility as a Service- Many organisations today face the challenge of managing mobility in house due to lack of in house development capability and experienced resources coupled with domain knowledge restrict their ability to fulfill this requirement. Many organizations do wish to outsource the management of all of their mobility functions in order to focus instead on their core

On of the ways forward is to manage the service externally through a vendor who can supply an ‘end to end’ service proposition.

Business offerings:
HCL offer a comprehensive managed mobility services support this approach by partnering with clients
to effectively manage their portfolios of mobile assets and execute mobile strategies through comprehensive end to end services. We provide a structured approach to the management of all mobility-related aspects of the business, from mobile device management to app development to mobile security.

We offer three levels of services and can tailor our approach to support the needs of any client:

Core – includes SUP and Afaria component installation, Syclo implementation, and hardware support.

Extended – includes all core services plus help desk support, network management and provisioning, cost management, and device provisioning.

Full – includes all core and extended services as well as custom application development, application maintenance and co-innovation labs (see sidebar on Co-Innovation Labs).

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